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We want to make it as easy as possible for partners to order, provision, and manage their cloud solutions. The Pax8 Platform seamlessly integrates with industry-leading PSA tools, enabling you to browse products, place orders, update seat counts, manage and import company data, automate provisioning, and customize billing agreements — all from the comfort and convenience of your preferred PSA tool.

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  • connectwise
  • autotask
  • tigerpaw
  • kaseya
  • Syncro

connectwise integration

With the ConnectWise integration, Pax8 partners have access to a user-friendly interface that allows them to bill, provision, order products, and more — all within the PSA tool — enabling profitable growth.


autotask integration

Our integration with Autotask allows partners to import company data, export products as services, and access accurate billing and contract information within a single platform.


Tigerpaw integration

Pax8 partners have the tools to manage clients’ accounts, products, and services, and sync Pax8 subscriptions to a recurring service agreement in Tigerpaw.


kaseya integration

Pax8 partners are able to sync all subscriptions to their respective contracts, export Pax8 products as services in the platform, and import all accounts — all within Kaseya.


syncro integration

Our Syncro integration enables partners to sync subscriptions to recurring invoices, export Pax8 products as Syncro products, and manage all Pax8 subscriptions within the Syncro console.


“The Pax8 integration with my PSA partner is a huge time-saving mechanism for us. We can purchase licenses in ConnectWise and then sync those straight into our agreements. On average, the integration has saved us 5 hours per month in billing.”

Zach Hart, President at Tailored Technology Services

“Pax8 wins with their Autotask integration. Azure billing can be a challenge, but Pax8 has made the billing simple for us. The Autotask integration enables us to import company data, export products as services, and access accurate billing and contract information within a single platform.”

Michael Goldstein, President and CEO of LAN Infotech

“The Pax8 integration with Tigerpaw has saved us a ton of time. Our process for reconciling invoices and updating client billing went from hours of manual labor to just a few clicks, all while increasing accuracy. Pax8 by far provides the best integration of any vendor that we have worked with.”

Ryan Bowman, Sales Manager at TCW Computer Systems

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To learn more about these comprehensive integrations and how you can deliver your entire cloud stack within your preferred PSA tool, download the Wingman PSA Integrations Guide today.